What can I do to help?

You say, Meet me here.
It’s not far.
You can work out the route.
You say this at the far end of the sofa
the middle has sunk down
to form a cavern
that I cannot navigate.
Separated by this cavern
by this cushion
your arm straddles the gap to my side
like a handlebar
or a stabiliser wheel.

You say, What can I do to help?
and I notice the mist has cleared
whilst realising that
nothing is what you can do.
Nothing new, anyway.
But you can keep giving me your hand
when I’m far away on the sofa.
Keep giving me a map
when I’m lost in my duvet.
Keep giving me decaff
when I go back to caffeine.
Keep giving me oxygen
when my chest fills with cement.
Keep giving me compliments
when I wake up on a morning.
Keep giving me water
when winter kills my roots.
Keep giving me smiles
when I can’t see past tears.

But since you ask, there is one thing.
Don’t ask me to meet you.
Can you come here and get me?
Would you mind if you gave me your hand
and walked me there?

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay.

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